jasmin rosa juulia, 18, finland

I found a cute piece of clothing and tried it on only to be disgusted at myself yet again hahah I have made zero progress loving my body apparently, my thighs are awfully thick and my legs so short, my whole body is a square with no shapes at all and zero signs of a waistline helloo where are u, surprisingly enough my butt has lifted (??) but it’s still not perky enough for me, not to mention my arms that look like sausages and my back (how can you even dislike the way a back looks idk) jesus christ I swear I could work out forever and still feel this way about myself what the heck

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this is how i feel 
omg my nikes arrived and they are so comfortable I can barely tell I have shoes on my feet, I’m gonna go run in these immediately

My left breast literally feels like it has a stone inside and I’m trying not to panic about it. That plus I am in a lot of pain, nauseous and I have a tingling sensation in my jaw and a burn in my throat thus making it impossible to sleep. I’ve been feeling this way for like a week straight though, I don’t know what’s up with that at all and I am the worst ever at dealing with sickness because I always get too paranoid and anxious, if I at least knew what’s up I’d feel 100% better but no I cannot find an explanation to this and I feel terribly alone with these feelings.

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stretching in a dark room

In the End by FoggyMushroom on Flickr.
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han kyung hyun for o!oi.