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Ummmm can someone say that Taco Tuesdays is in full swing at the Blogilates residence!?? Just made these babies for lunch and my taste buds are dancing!! All you need are lettuce leaves, lean ground turkey, some type of beans (black beans are great, I didn’t have any so I used edamame), corn, avocado, a lime squeeze and salsa!! Sooooo clean and soooooo full of natural flavor! I didn’t even use any oil to sautée the meat. Try it and be amazed! Please show me if you make it ;)
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I always get offended when people go around me on the highway I’m sorry are we not going fast enough for you. Are you in a hurry. We’re all going to die anyway

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ugh I haven’t eaten anything all day all the food at my bf’s house is so gross. ugh no gross hamburgers or gross fast food I just want to fill my stomach with juicy apples or something so I figured I’ll rather drink a ton of water and try not to starve lmao

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my boyfriend is telling me so many stories about crazy stuff he used to do when he was younger and I’m just like yeah mmhm I wish I had stories to tell but I have literally always been so lame and stayed out of trouble, I didn’t even get drunk before the age of fourteen ugh I wish I had been way more adventurous and less scared of everything

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